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BRASSFESTUK- 7TH to 9TH July 2017
The Spirit of Brass (Gavin Somerset) has been released by Pennine Music


The Spirit of Brass -
for BrassFestUK 2017
Commissioned for BrassFestUK 2017 & recorded by the Cory Band, the Spirit of Brass is an exciting, new energetic work that will fit perfectly into any concert, particularly as an opening item. With memorable themes, the composition takes its roots from that of John Williams’ various Olympic themes that he has composed over the years. As well as this ‘main version’, there is also a youth/training band version of the work available which is more accessible to younger bands. The two versions work as standalone items, or can be performed side-by-side. A great new original piece for Brass Band.      
The work is available as a published title, printed and delivered, or alternatively the music can be downloaded to print off yourself at home.

Senior Band Version - Published: £10.00 - Click Here

Youth Band Version - Published: £10.00 - Click Here

Senior Band Version - Download: £7.00 - Click Here

Youth Band Version - Download: £7.00 - Click Here

If you have an engagement over the weekend of the 7th to 9th July 2017 then let me know your band name and region and I will add you to the list, if you don't then put on a free open-air or indoor concert and let me have the details about your band.

Can we get 100 bands across the country all doing something that is accessible to the public - can we get 200, can we get 500... of course we can, come on everyone, put your details on the facebook page and I will add you to the list.

BrassFestUK are delighted to announce that Pennine Music have agreed to be the main sponsor for next year’s event, this is excellent news and means that the composition, publishing and sale of the music for the event will be dealt with by Gavin Somerset and Pennine Music -
The music will be available @£10 +£2 P+P or for £7 as a digital download.

BrassFestUK is a weekend of Brass Bands performing to the public across the whole of the UK. Playing at the Local Bandstand, the Village Green, the Local Park… Brass bands being seen, heard and appreciated by the whole country.

Ideally the bands will not charge for the concert they give, but donations from passers-by and those listening can be collected and donated to a local charity of the bands choosing.

I am looking to get a piece of music composed that will be written at different levels so all bands can join in, the piece will be written in a way that it works on it’s own and works just as well when joined with the other versions that are written.

I would love to see as many Training and Youth bands being involved as possible, get them to open your concert, get them to join in the BrassFestUK Piece.

Where an area is lucky enough to have more than one band then work together to sort out who is playing when, come together and play, try not to clash days/times so you end up with a split audience.

Brass Bands are amazing and we should all be very proud of what we do, we are part of the beating heart of this wonderful country, lets remind everyone we are here and get the UK toe tapping to a good march
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